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Daily Feed ~ 2011 June 3rd


The Traffic Blogger: 101 Ways to Draw More Traffic to Your Site
As bloggers we all want more traffic, right? RIGHT?!? Chris aka the “Traffic Blogger” is at it again.. serving us a real long list of ideas. Well worth going through.

David Ogilvy’s “Secret Weapon” of Online Marketing, Selling, and Business Success | Copyblogger
Could a 7 minute video recorded 40+ years ago help you in your marketing today?

Google Images Gets Shinny On Google’s Search Results
Looks nice, indeed. Useful? Not sure. What do you think? Comment please!

The F-word, overused.
Sound marketing advice that you should put on your wall. If you don’t have kids, that is. ;) From the “aspiring to inspire” designers @The Donut Project


Leading From the Dark Side: 4 Dangerous Leadership Styles
Darth Vader would love this. A fascinating read illustrated by 4 (real) figures from history.

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