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Daily Feed ~ 2011 June 1st

Summer is here, but I wouldn’t have noticed unless for the calendar. Here in Japan it came with cold winds and rain. Quietly resigning myself to a day indoors, I had a look at what the ‘net has in store today.

Copyblogger Goes On LinkedIn
“16 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business”

The Way of the Rockstar
Jeff Bullas writes up 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Launches Follow Button for Websites
& it was about damn time. I have it already on my blog here. Look at individual posts, under the title.

Leadership & Entrepreneurialism

Mashable keeps popping up in this section. This time they post about 4 Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Spirit.
I wish I was raised this way; sadly “entrepreneurial” is not a word I can associate with my upbringing. I sometimes find I have more to unlearn than what I have to learn. Not that it bothers me; life is such, and everybody is a product of their time & surroundings until we decide to take control. This is a cool article though.

A Non-Cheesy Approach to Trusting Yourself More + Sucking Less

Except nothing less from “middle finger” Ash, the blogging goddess whom I love&hate (love: you shouldn’t blog when drunk; hate: she’s got a domain I want).
Serious self-development stuff, a good read, & one cool project you should join. I’m in, of course, are you?


LinkedIn Stepping Into Japan, Literally
LinkedIn has 18 Million Users in Asia Pacific, Japan Office Next Year | Penn Olson

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