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Daily Feed ~ 2011 June 4th



Guest Post Email Format

Guest Posting is a powerful way to grow your blog readership. You write something for a blog you like, and in return you get to link your blog from there. Gets you visitors and SEO brownie points with Google. Simple, however you’ve got to get the owner of the target blog to cooperate first. Here’s how.

5-Step Guide to Optimizing Landing Pages

Makes some great points. There’s also some formulas for the analytical types out there. Beats me but it sure looks scientific.


Top 10 Misunderstood Words

Words are not always what they seem. Doubly so if English is not your 1st language (yeah, that’s me included).
I’ve just added these 10 words to my “never use in a phone conversation” list. Not that I would have in the 1st place; half of them were new to me. ;) ) LOL. (<- I can use this now, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary.)



Syria Shuts Down Internet As Revolt Gains Steam

I’m grateful to live in a free country. No-one is limiting the internet, banning social networks and twitter. Makes me wonder what Syrians, or other oppressed people around the world would give for this chance. Are you making the most of it?

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