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Help! It’s Not Just The News! (How Sitcoms Disempower You)

If I could have a superpower, I’d definitely go for teleportation.  As I was writing this on a 747 heading for the Carbon Copy Pro Master Marketing Event, I coundn’t help but wonder all the unproductiveness and discomfort associated with flying. (More on the event later. It was an absolute blast!)

At one point, my attention slipping, and I found myself repeatedly glancing at the in flight entertainment system. Bad move. There was a sitcom on, with lots of pretty people.
What they were doing was less pretty, unfortunately. By the looks of it they were giving each other the most through screwings I’ve ever seen on TV. Unfortunately it wasn’t happening in bed, either.
Making all kinds of faces, showing myriads of negative emotions all the way from angry to frustrated to desperate. Gesticulating as if the room was full of mosquitos and there was a prize on them (there’s an arcade game idea). The actors were probably told they’ll be shot if they smile.

As I felt this tsunami of negative emotions wash over me, I wondered what’s the point. Oozing with stress and (probably) self-inflicted hurt, the characters seemed to be on a constant emotional rollercoaster.  To the point that I started wondering if they sleep at night and if they can move without being caffeinated.

Are they the example to follow? Who’d want to be like them?

Yet, unwittingly, this is the example the makers of the show set for us.

I don’t know the name of the show, but I came up with a title. It may apply to other similar shows as well. I call it “20 minutes of disempowerment”.

At first I thought I’d make a “junk food of the mind” analogy, however it does not stand. Junk food, you see, has its good points. It feels good while you eat it. Afterwards is a different story of course, but at least there are moments of pleasure involved.

This TV show, however, felt like crap while watching, and then left a bad taste in my mouth. Ouch. My fault for watching, of course. Won’t happen again.

Anyway, the point is (yes! there is one!), that if you want to be a success, a producer, you gotta carefully select what you put in your head. For one, you won’t be able to get it out once it’s in there. There’s something else, too. Napoleon Hill wrote that “there’s more gold been mined from the minds of man that from the earth”. If this is what you put in than how’s the gold going to come out?

Simply put, just as big macs don’t serve a person on a diet, disempowering thoughts, emotions, or matter of fact anything that doesn’t send positive messages to your subconscious, should be off the “mental menu”. Quality and selectiveness are gold.

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