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Twitter How To: Best Practices (4 Tips)

Back from Hungary and back in action! We’ve had a fab time and got a lot done & it all feels great.

Look out for new articles. I’ll be posting here more often from now on.

For today, here’s 4 assorted but equally important Twitter tips. Each of these have come up repeatedly in my coaching recently, so I figure there is a point.

1. Be a PRO! Don’t Make Stupid Mistakes That are Easy to Avoid

  • One example is babbling too much resulting in your DMs (Direct Messages) being cut off in the middle. Like this guy here:

    You don't want to come across like this, do you?

    Even worse for the lofty user name (which I’ve removed because I’m soooo nice -not!). Plus look at the content. Would you want his advice? (When’s he going to notice? I’ve sent him a DM, but he’s not reading it.) The maximum length of a DM is 140 characters minus the recipient’s username minus 2. If that sounds confusing just go for 120 or less.

  • Having odd characters in your DM such as “{” “|”, or sending more than one DM at a time. If you use a tool such as SocialOomph (which you should, see Tip 4 later), make sure you know the syntax. Always test after changes. A spare Twitter account comes in handy for such tests. Here’s a hint for SocialOomph: leave a blank “space” after and before the “{” “|” characters.
  • Spelling mistakes. Make the effort and always check. A misspell will instantly discredit you (specially with introverts and neat-o-maniacs). Spell checkers used to cost dearly, but not anymore. Firefox has a free one built in, why not take advantage of it?


2. Provide Value

OK I’ll be short here. It’s been said a thousand times already. If all you tweet is links, (or worse, affiliate links) you mark yourself as a spammer and doom yourself to be ignored forever. Give your followers a reason to like you before shoving offers down their throats. ;)


3. Interact

Mobile internet, instant messengers and 24/7 net connections available on the go have made us all impatient. Everything is so very “now” these days. I found we almost think something is wrong if there’s no instant or at least semi-instant reply to a message. So you want to interact in a timely manner. This also gives you credibility as it proves you’re a real person. Try to find a balance; don’t spend too much time, there are idiots everywhere. Also Twitter has more rabbit holes than Alice has seen in Wonderland, each of which will suck your precious time and make you unproductive if you’re not careful.


4. Use a Hosted Tool For Best Results (& Less Stress)

I’d been using a Windows PC based software scheduler (examples include Tweet Adder, or my fav, Tweet Attacks) to post tweets for a long time, and it works. But I forget it every now and then, plus I shut down the computer by accident, while it should be on 24/7 for all the scheduled tweets to be posted. Add in Windows Update which exists to restart the PC at the most inconvenient times, plus a lovingly eco-mad family member who does her fair bit of unplugging, and it all turns into a nightmare.

It’s just way more convenient and effective to have a service provider handle it. Just set & forget, and it’s their job to deliver the posts to twitter. They are much better equipped to handle it all than the average PC user. Multiple servers in data centers, redundant power supplies, generators, you name it. My choice of provider is (yes, that is a blatant affiliate link ;) ). They will not only schedule and post your tweets when you want to, but do other cool stuff too (ask me.. I’m trying to keep this to the point).
Now a word of caution. I’ve found the free account rather unreliable. It’s a convenient way to get familiar with the interface, but that’s about it. For peace of mind & results you want the (still el-cheapo) “Professional” account.
Now you can turn off the PC, attend to the current blackout if you’re in Tokyo, or travel to the tropics and swim with dolphins like you always wanted to. Your Twitter will be safe & sound, and leads will keep coming.


OK, that’s it for today. Talk soon!





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  • shefi

    I just opened a Twitter account, so I’m interested. But… what is SocialOomph and why should I be using it? And what is a “hosted service handle”? Some explanation and some recommendations would add value to this blog post.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Thanks for the comment & the great questions. I’ve updated the post to cover your points. In short SocialOomph is one “hosted service”. It can drive Twitter and FB traffic to your sites while you sleep. Handy.

    • Anonymous

      Nice blog, BTW. I do enjoy reading gaijin views on Japan.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Thanks for the comment & the great questions. I’ve updated the post to cover your points. In short SocialOomph is one “hosted service”. It can drive Twitter and FB traffic to your sites while you sleep. Handy.

  • Julie Jeske

    Great post!  I appreciate that you deliver a lot of information and are also brief and to the point (those two things don’t always go hand in hand).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Julie, I’m so happy you see it that way. I’ve been trying to keep my posts short and to the point. Ah so hard to do when inspiration comes. ;)