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Get Your Full Facebook Back! (Fix The New “News Feed” Default Settings)

“News Feed” looking thin recently? Have you been wondering how to get it back?

Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, has again made a significant change to a default setting, without telling anyone.

I thought the recent addition of thick black frames around pictures is annoying enough (funeral, anyone?), but this tops it by far.

A picture tells a thousand words, and that is especially true for tutorials.

I took and edited some screenshots of my own Facebook account. Click for full size.

Instructions are below.

1. click on “Home”

2. You’ll see the “News Feed”

3. Click the little down arrow next to “Most Recent”

4. Click “Edit Option” in the menu that appears

A new window will open:

1.-2. Set “Show post from” to “All of your friends and pages”

3. Don’t forget to click “Save”


Now you got your familiar settings back.

If you don’t do this you could be missing out on news from old friends you don’t talk to every day.

Happy Facebooking!

Please Tweet and Share on FaceBook to let your unsuspecting friends know. Thanks!

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  • Seki

    Thanks for your very timely tip. I immediately set it on my 2 FB accounts on Japanese and English.

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome. Glad that it helped.