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My Story & Your Chance “Big in Japan”

Before: The Uphill Struggle of daily life

Over 2 years ago, in the spring of 2008, just before the Greatest Depression, I quit my IT job in England and went to pursue my dreams in Japan.
I always wanted to go to Japan. I knew I could learn Japanese. It was something I just “had” to do. I did not know why until a bit later, when I met Misato, and we were married within a year. I got fairly fluent in Japanese in the process. No motivation like love, I guess. :) And yes, the language school has helped too, to some degree.
Fast forward to 2010. Happy in every way, expect financially. My savings had run out, and finding a decent job seemed unlikely as the economy continued to plummet. So, as most English speakers in Japan do, I have become an English teacher. Which I never desired to be. (I am not even a native speaker – I am from Hungary.) At the schools I found myself being bossed around and spied upon by unqualified, irritating people. I hated every minute of it. At first the pay seemed better then average, but soon I found it wasn’t enough to cover our basic expenses (that with my wife working, too). Nevertheless, for lack of knowing better, I stuck with the job for some time. A lot longer than I should have. As a result I was at a point of desperation. I was working hard at a horrible job I hated and I was not any good at. Despite all the effort I was not able to make ends meet. Worst of all, I had to endure the humiliation of borrowing from friends and family. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Frustration of not being able to provide for my family was overwhelming.

The Search

More than anything I wanted to take a nice long holiday, and, of course, wanted to make a lot of money at the same time. Not just “a living”, but real, big, life-changing money. One that a “just married” couple owning nothing of value could use to start out with and build on. Which raised the question “What can I do, that is worth so much?” Or, as I would put it now, “What can I provide to the world, that will return such an income?” I had no immediate answer. It kept eating at me through, and I knew that if I could find an answer I’d be a big step forward.
In my quest for an answer, just like you are doing now, I turned to the internet. Notwithstanding the amount of in-your-face garbage, it was obvious there were people making it big out there. How on earth? I have been online for 10+ years and never made a dime! So I started to research them. I thought “they can’t be that much smarter than I am”. While it may not be the correct approach, it has fueled my ego to keep going. I was looking for a “secret success formula”, but there seemed to be none. All the most successful people seemed to belong to one particular business though. I did not believe the income claims, but I admired the positive energy radiating from them. “This is what I want to be like.” – I thought. So I put fear aside, ran a few circles, borrowed more money (yes… again), and took action. There was an application process in place, which was kind of re-assuring. The overview page that followed really made me decide to start.

After: How my life has changed

Now I know the answer to the “What can I do…” question above; the education I have received has opened my eyes. I am working from home, living life on my terms, and enjoying it again. It is a brave new world, a world defined by of freedom of choice, self-development, and responsibility. Now I spend time with my wife whenever I want to. I can travel, exercise and pursue my interests whenever I want to. I have become a more patient and relaxed, I am told. “If you enjoy what you do, you will never work an other day in your life.” is by Confucius I believe. It is so true!

What’s in it for you?

After I had this game figured out, I was thinking “OK, this is nice, what next?”
So I took the unoriginal path of helping and coaching every qualified individual interested in the “how to”. That is the test of the pudding after all – can I help others achieve their dreams?
Turns out I can. :)
My current short-term goal until the end of the year now is to help 5 new people out of their jobs.
Ha! “Big deal” – you may think. Have you ever done it though? To give you a hint I do make sure I can give maximum attention and support to my team.
To find out if you qualify, go see my Mission Statement for specific instructions. Talk to you soon.

All the Best,

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